Except for the fact that he’s been chased out of this corner of the galaxy by demons he helped to create, Manhattan comic book artist Danny Ramirez is a lot like you and me.

Balding. Imperfect. Profane.

Unfortunately, Ramirez soon finds that his new home is under attack by the same forces besieging Earth. A dark spirit of human seeming and unimaginable powers is leading an army north to enslave the last free peoples of the Ninelands. Someone is going to have to act like a hero, and maybe it’s Danny Ramirez—even if it means picking up a sword. And saying so long to a dream.

The Apocalypse Waltz is the second full-length novel from Austin’s Ninth Planet Press (publisher of Sour Lake). It’s 90,000 words of action and adventure, sorcery and swordplay, framed by one man’s search for redemption in two very distant, but not so different, worlds.



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release date: August 5, 2012