For centuries, the inhabitants of Earth and other planets have claimed that Austin is incapable of producing anything other than sizzling hot guitar licks and creepy-looking salamanders. Ninth Planet Press intends to prove these skeptics wrong by churning out mind-melting sci-fi, industrial-strength tales of terror and gore, fantastic fantasies, and our signature line of delicious snack crackers.

Best of all, Ninth Planet Press products are written, illustrated, and designed right here in Central Texas by Austin residents.

So respect yourself. Read a book. And join the NPP army today!

The Team

Bruce McCandless III (Head Writer) lives in Austin with the President of Ninth Planet Press, Inc. and two young people.
Phil West (Media Relations) lives in Austin and runs his own company, Orange Cone Agency. He is the author of a book of poetry, The Arsenal of Small Stars, and writes for the Huffington Post, Soccer Apologist, and Yanks Call It Soccer.
Shaun Venish (Designer) is a cool illustrator who also lives in Austin. His work can be found at his website Shaun designed the Ninth Planet Press logo and the Sour Lake, Beatrice and the Basilisk, and The Apocalypse Waltz book covers.
Iumi Richard-Crow (Website Guru) designed and operates the Ninth Planet Press website. Her work can be found at and
Chris Beaver is an awesome local artist and animator who has contributed sketches of the principal characters in The Black Book of Cyrenaica and The Apocalypse Waltz. Visit his blog at
Pati McCandless is President and operations manager of Ninth Planet Press, Inc.
Maj. Jack Wilkinson (U.S. Army Ret.) is Editor in Chief and Director of Quality Control
Roger G. Worthington, Esq. serves as Minister of Blood and Pulp. Motto: FURTHUR. Please visit his brewing company, Worthy Brewing, at

Note: All tours have been canceled until further notice. While we do not admit to any liability, our condolences go out to Girl Scout Troop 493 for the January 9, 2016 laboratory incident. We would like to reiterate that all specimens released at that time have been recovered.